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Ministry Teams


Ministry Teams

The work of the GLAD Alliance is done by our ministry teams.  If you're interested in helping out, contact the team leader or the council liaison for the team, or e-mail for more information.

See the Contact Us page for a list of team leaders and liaisons.

The Discernment Ministry Team encourages and resources for churches working with the denomination's discernment process on the place of lesbian and gay persons in the church.

The Open and Affirming Team nurtures congregations through the process of discovering and proclaiming their commitment to inclusivity.

The Support and Advocacy Ministry Team provides pastoral care, encourages networking and our regional chapters.

The Strategic Action Ministry Team works to call the church to be true to the gospel of God's just, inclusive love for all.

Our three Ministry Support Teams provide the necessary resources to keep GLAD functioning.

The Development and Finance Ministry Support Team works to increase both the membership and financial resources of GLAD.

The Human Resources and Nominating Ministry Support Team works to make sure our people and our skills are well utilized.

The Communications Ministry Support Team is our voice. This team prints our newsletters, communicates our activities to the denomination, and advertises our ministries to the church.

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